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Asher and Emi - engagement photo

mistressemi in cooking_storm

Chicken Pot Pie

Recipe from my step mom, Brenda

I adjust this recipe depending on the number of people I want to feed and the
number of pies I want to freeze. It freezes beautifully. I will put the
approximate measurements in parantheses for a 9x13 pan but I really don't
measure anything.

Cook chicken parts (3-4 lbs.) in water with carrots, celery, onions, garlic
powder, pepper and salt. Chicken breast are easy but an assortment of parts
is better and will be more moist.

Cool until you can handle the chicken. This is actually better when done the
day before.

Reserve stock, throw away cooked veggies and debone chicken.

Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and line the bottom of your pan.

Boil frozen assorted veggies (one to two pounds) for about five minutes and
drain well.

Top the chicken with the veggies in a solid layer.

If you have a lot of stock from the chicken boil until it is slightly reduced
and add cream of chicken soup (one to two cans). The consistency should be
about like a really thick cream soup. A few lumps from the cream of chicken
soup not dissolving is okay, if it is too thin after adding the soup you can
thicken with cornstarch.

Pour over the veggies, they should be covered to the top.

Melt some butter (one to two sticks) in the pan you just poured the soup
mixture out of and after melted add some milk (I have no idea how much, one

Add some biscuit mix (Bisquick or Jiffy) to the milk and butter mixture (a
min of 2 cups). It should end up about the consistency of pancake batter.
Just keep whisking and adding milk. Emi and I call it the glug, glug, glug
measurement. You just add a couple of glugs at time until it looks right!
Everyone always loves the topping but it is possible to have too much. Just
experiment until you find what works for you.

Ladel the batter over the gravy mix. If you pour out of the pan it tends to
go too far into the gravy. It is better to ladel it over.

Cover the pies you are going to freeze with foil and pop into the freezer as
is. I usually cover with plastic wrap and then foil so the foil comes off
and doesn't stick into the topping.

Cook at 350 until golden brown. This is for the fresh and the frozen. Fresh
will take from 60 to 90 minutes. Frozen normally take two hours or so.