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October 19th, 2008

Panda Love

wolfmoon123 in cooking_storm

Wylie's Ranch Egg Sandwich

This recipe was a concept that entered Wylie's head one day aand propted him to tell me his idea and make it for him. So here it is!

You need:
Two slices of bread
Olive oil
Ranch flavoring or powederd ranch dip mix
1 egg
a frying pan

1.) Soak each side of the bread in olive oil and sprinkle each side with ranch stuff.
2.) Fry up the slices till they are nicely toasted.
3.) Remove bread from pan and then crack and egg and fry up the egg in the mannor you like best.
4.) Sprinkle Ranch stuff on the egg and assemble sandwich.

*You may also add things like cheese and ham or bacon, and it still tastes good.